Being an online casino in today’s climate is an exciting thing. There is no longer the need to leave the comfort of your home in order to be involved in a game you enjoy.

The live casinПохожее изображениеo format may be something you aren’t particularly familiar with, especially if you are used to playing Blackjack at a land casino. The one thing that you will appreciate is the effort to make these Live casino rooms as realistic as possible.

What To Expect When You Enter a Casino

When you enter a blackjack casino room, you will have the dealer situated in front of your screen. They are either standing or sitting behind the betting table. The game will then commence as per normal with the dealer taking cards from a real shoe, shuffling them and placing them face down, however, face up for you. You are also able to see the cards of the other players which creates the feeling of being seated at the table.

Basic Rules of Live Blackjack

The rules all remain the same, with the objective being to beat the dealer and getting a hand of 21. In Live casino blackjack, the cards are numbered from 2 through to 10 which means that if you happen to hold a 5 and a 7 your total hand is valued at 13. The point is to make sure you keep your hand valued at lower than 17 at all times. This ensures that you never bust and that you don’t lose your entire bet.

The payouts in Live Blackjack is based on the house edge which can differ based on which variation you are playing. If you find yourself playing a basic and standard game of Blackjack then the house is often at a value of about 0.5%. The insurance bet pays odds of 2:1 while a natural blackjack hand pays odd of 3:2