The online casino universe is a rather huge place, with plenty of variety and diversity. This need for differentiation has led online casino gaming developers to create a number of variants to some of your favourite casino table games. One of the most popular table game in pretty much all of history is Blackjack. This beloved card game has inspired TV series, movies and heists.

It is considered Картинки по запросу Blackjack Casinos in UKone of the most sought-after table card games, maybe only being second to poker. It is classy and requires a bit more strategy and bouts of intelligence. Online casino gaming is becoming more competitive and developers are always looking to create new concepts to draw the crowds in.

Virtual Blackjack Versions

One Blackjack variant you may come across is multi-hand blackjack. There are a number of developers who have tried their hand at this version, but the best one you’ll find comes from developers Microgaming. The rules stay the same, and the goal is still to not bust or better yet get the dealer to bust. However, the difference here is the fact that you play multiple hands instead of just one. In some versions, you can even play up to 5 different hands.

The second version you may find is double exposure Blackjack. This version allows the player to see both of the dealer’s cards. The norm is that once the dealer is done handing out the cards, they show one of their cards. However, with the double exposure, the dealer shows both cards.

What’s The Catch?

Why do casinos allow for these kinds of variations to exist? How do they benefit by allowing you to see both the dealer’s cards or to play multiple hands? Well in these Blackjack alternates, the house edge tends to be a lot higher than usual, so remember this when entering a game.